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Solution to Windows Vista’s Wireless Spikes

So I have been toying around with Vista 64-bit on my new MacBook Pro. Using it mainly for weekend LAN parties. But one thing that annoys me the most about Vista is that it tends to have a lag spike every minute or so. My hero in DotA was literally doing a break dance every minute.

Having done a lil bit of research into this matter, I have finally found a solution. A lil app called WLAN Optimizer has solved my problem. What it basically does is disable Vista’s periodical (every 60 seconds to be precise) wireless network scan that was causing the lag spikes.

I recommend that you have this app running in the background and have it run automatically on startup if you use Vista for online gaming. Good luck and may the latency be with you.

Download WLAN Optimizer


Clueless Blogger Writes on Why Vista Beats Mac OS X

I was surfing around and noticed that this article ‘Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X’ was linked in 9to5mac‘s site. I was curious so I clicked on it, expecting it to be an article with constructive arguments based on hard facts. But no, it made me laugh my head off. No surprise the article had negative rating (at time of writing it has -68 rating after 142 votes).

The first reason he gave was that Vista runs more software. Ok, fair enough Vista DO run more software. However, what was wrong is that he argued Virtualization software like Parallels won’t let you run even the most basic games such as FreeCell, Hearts, Pinball, Solitaire and Minesweeper. If that’s not funny enough, he argued that it’s because Parallels doesn’t support DirectX9. HAHAHAHAHAH!! Since when the f**k does Solitaire and Pinball require DX9? Also, recent versions of Parallels and VMware Fusion are already supporting DX9. This just shows how f**king clueless this guy is because he wrote his article only about 2 days ago.


Then, he also said that Vista is safer. He argued that this was because the MacBook Air got hacked first in the recent hacking competition (PWN2OWN). I’m sorry but the MBA wasn’t hacked REMOTELY. On the first day of the competition, nobody managed to hack any of the 3 laptops (MacBook Air and 2 others that ran Windows Vista and Linux). So the next day, the rules was loosen and contestants were allowed to physically access the laptops. What!? It doesn’t take a genius to agree that it is much easier to hack a computer when you have physical access. Also, of course the MBA was hacked first. Who the f**k wants a black ugly Windows laptop that’s worth half the value? Vista more secure than Mac OS X? Then try running it without anti-virus and anti-spyware, dumb ass.

The 3rd reason he gave was “It’s the money, stupid”. He argued that a Vista machine is cheaper than a Mac. Even though that’s true, I don’t see his point here. If a Vista machine is 10 times cheaper than a Mac then he probably got a point. But no, I personally don’t think that couple hundred of bucks difference will make the London Bridge fall. Besides, you’re gonna spend a lot more money on a Vista machine by getting software licenses for your anti-virus/anti-spyware products. Have fun on a sluggish machine, bro.

The 4th reason he gave did not even make sense. He argued that the Vista is open while the Mac is closed. He said that Vista can be installed on all pc’s while installing Mac’s on pc’s will get you sued. While it is true that Mac’s can’t be installed on PC’s, it doesn’t justify as a valid point. That’s like saying the OpenOffice suite is much better than Microsoft Office because it can be installed on all kinds of OS.

The last reason he gave was even more ridiculous, he said “Two words — Steve Jobs”. He argued that Steve Jobs was a master marketer. So what? Who the f**k cares if a well-marketed product is actually good. He even said that Steve Jobs sends his lawyers after people who leak information on Apple products. Again, so what? It does not meet the point of argument that Vista beats Mac OS X. I really think this guy is f**king clueless on things he say. I’m willing to bet he didn’t spend more than an hour using a Mac. Hang on, maybe he did…. The last time he used a Mac was probably during the 80’s!