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uTorrent 1.9 alpha, the Saviour of Thottling ISP Users


uTorrent never failed to impress me. It is by far the best BitTorrent application out there, and version 1.9 alpha has introduced something called uTP (TORRENTS ON STEROIDS UDP!1!1!!). Geeks should know what UDP and TCP mean, all I can say is, I think ISP throttles BT by doing packet inspection (DEFINITELY NOT tracker blocking as suggested by a friend of mine). UDP packets are probably impossible(?) to inspect at the moment, but who knows.

Anyway, let me try to explain in layman terms. It’s like imagine you yourself is one of the many millions or billions of packets and you are walking thru the “danger sensor” like those in the airports. The gun on you is like the signature (TCP) that tells the sensor you’re dangerous and belongs to the mafia (BitTorrent). GEDDIT? So now in this case, shit loads of mafia members packing guns can flow into the country because they have found a way to avoid being detected (uTorrent 1.9 alpha).

Ok that’s all for my lame layman story, now go download it from:


And of course have fun.

P/S: The censored part in the screenshot has nothing to do with pornography.
PP/S: You might have noticed I’m running it virtualized, that’s right bro that’s how good it is till I had to run it in VMware.

PPP/S: If you’re wondering why I’m all excited over a mere 100k/s ‘cos that’s the shitty speed I get in a 3rd world country internet. Throttled speeds are like 10k/s and it will probably take 2 weeks to finish downloading something.


UPnP: Port Forwarding that’s Fool Proof

UPnP. You probably heard about it or seen it lurking in your router settings, or while you fiddle around Windows‘ built-in firewall. So what the hell is it?

I myself didn’t bother to look up on it as it didn’t sound appealing to me compared to lamb curry. Not until I read about Port Map. Port Map is basically a Mac app that allows easy port forwarding WITHOUT accessing your router. Now now before you stop reading on thinking this is some shitty Mac praising post, don’t regret if I tell you how this will actually let you play C&C3 online without opening 80% of all available ports from 1 to 65535.


So I was thinking, What the f**k? How is it possible to port forward without actually setting it up in the router? Wouldn’t it be a (local) security issue? After a little googling, turns out that UPnP has been around long before I even graduated from high school.

UPnP is basically a technology that allows devices (such as your computer) to tell the router it needs to allow connection thru a certain port number so that it can communicate properly with the other internet client. Some of the most popular software I could think of that could utilize UPnP is Skype and uTorrent. For the past few years, I have been wondering why in the f**k uTorrent has an option to RANDOMIZE your port number each time it starts? Wouldn’t that mean you have to port forward all over again? Now I know. It’s UPnP that’s allows such voodoo to exist.

So how can you get this voodoo to work? First of all, you need to access your router (just this once to set it up). Every router setup differs so you may have to read your manual to find out how to enable UPnP. Some routers that are too old might not even have UPnP. Also, I notice that some Belkin routers do not have UPnP as well.


For the purpose of introducing UPnP, I’ll use screenshots from popular BitTorrent programs for example.



Notice there are options to allow these programs to utilise UPnP. And that’s it, enjoy UPnP.

Few things to note: If you have multiple routers on the same internet connection, make sure the ‘parent router’ forwards ALL ports to the next router. UPnP doesn’t communicate router to router unfortunately (at least this is the case for home routers, correct me if I’m wrong).

Also, I have the feeling that enabling UPnP might cause potential security dangers especially to Windows machines. Make sure you have anti-virus/spyware installed before you utilize UPnP.

Hope you enjoy this tech tip, because I have. For the first time since C&C3 launch I could finally play it online, just to get owned by someone who claims to be a noob.

uTorrent 1.8 alpha Bypasses BT Throttling Like A Champion


Previously, my downloads can only reach 15k/s MAX on my third world country 512kbps “broadband” (TMNet StreamyX). Now, it can reach three times that speed comfortably. Keep up the good work uTorrent.


Forum threadhttp://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31998

Download linkhttp://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent-1.8-alpha-8205.upx.exe

Installer weighs in at only 257KB.