One Month of iPhone 3G – Afterthoughts

It’s been one month since my iPhone 3G has served me. All I can say is this device has allowed me to use the internet on the go. There are also some features of the iPhone 3G that I like in particular:


For example, I really, really love the intelligent auto-correction thing. It has allowed me to type fast without worrying that I am going to produce a typo. However, this only works if you are typing non-offensive dictionary words. So make sure you double-check what you have typed before sending the SMS/email. Trying to type “f**k you man” will produce “duck you man” and will make you look stupid. Be warned.


Another thing that I really like is the ability to send and receive emails on the go. As you can see, my fellow friends are having fun comment raiding on a particular picture on Facebook.


Apps, lots of them. I love having the ability to install apps that can help me identify songs (Shazam and Midomi) or allowing me to kill time (or as my friends describe it “looking like a retard”) by playing accelerometer-controlled games like Super Monkey Ball, Cube Runner etc (These games are controlled by tilting the iPhone itself).


One last thing that I also liked is the ability to write chinese characters with handwriting recognition. On the above screenshot, you can see that I have typed my chinese name using handwriting recognition. Pretty neat.


Now… Like I said, nothing is perfect. iPhone 3G has lots of bugs and problems even with the latest firmware. Here’s hoping that the next firmware will fix all these issues:

Keyboard lag: Sometimes your keyboard will suddenly feel the force of the vortex and go into 1 character per second mode. This bug is really, really annoying. Some people has suggested that activating the “magnifying glass” a.k.a hold your finger onto the screen will temporarily fix the issue. I usually just quit the offending app (usually SMS or email) and relaunch it.

Various lags: Contacts take up to 3 seconds before you can smoothly scroll and sometimes certain parts of the iPhone system suffer from abnormal lags.

Installing apps using App Store: If you’ve got an iPhone running the latest 2.0 firmware, AVOID installing apps using the App Store on the iPhone itself. I have run into numerous problems that has caused my iPhone to get stuck at the apple boot screen and I was also required to restore my iPhone several times.

App crashes: This one is also quite annoying especially when you’re trying to show your friend some cool apps you’ve just installed. You launch the app and then, boom, it goes back to the home screen. This will never stop until you restart your iPhone.

Insanely long backup times: This is one of the most annoying thing to happen especially when your iPhone needs to get restored due to some stupid problems. My backup takes at least an hour and this does not even include the sync process. Some dude over the internet posted a video that showed his iPhone backup taking as long as 8 hours! How ridiculous is that.

Horrible 3G performance: Ok, I don’t really know who to blame for this. But Optus 3G performance is freaking horrible in Australia. Some dude even did both ping and bandwidth tests on all carriers and Optus has a staggering 1200++ ms ping while the others only have 200++ ms ping. Also, the bandwidth on Optus 3G is between 5 to 7 times lower than its competitors. Cmon Optus, fix this please.

As you can see there are a lot of problems plaguing the iPhone 3G now. The stability of this device is horrible, so horrible that it’s giving a bad image to the Mac platform. Please Apple, fix them soon! /endrant


Buying a New Computer?

If you’re planning on getting a new pc and you’re from down under, wait! Dell Australia has a lucky draw kinda thing running till mid-July and if you sign up you’ll be in a chance to win either a Dell XPS M1530 laptop + 24 inch widescreen monitor OR a Dell XPS 630 Desktop + 24 inch widescreen (You get to choose the prize!).



Also, there will be weekly draw for a 24 inch monitor. So if you’re a student like me (well, technically I’m still a student since my final paper is on Wednesday), and if you’re dead bored from studying for your exams, why not sign up for a chance to win one of these (OK, I know it’s not that easy since there will be thousands of people signed up but if you never try you’ll never know!).

Click here to sign up!

P/S: I’m a sucker for free stuff even though I don’t really get them often :P

Diablo 3 To Be Announced Soon?

1) displays a mysterious splash page. Blizzard has previously done the same mystery style announcement for Starcraft 2. So what announcement could this be?

2) was just snapped up by Blizzard as recent as FEW DAYS AGO! Previously, this was a fan page and now the ownership of this domain name belongs to Blizzard.

1 + 2 = Diablo 3

Looks like good news for Diablo fans soon.

Spore Creature Creator Hands On

The trial version of Spore Creature Creator has been released recently and I just played with it for a while and I got to say, it’s been a while since I’ve been impressed with a game that is both highly intuitive and brings great fun. While the creature creator is just a small part of a huge game that is to be released (I think September), it provides an insight of what to expect.

Spore Creature Creator trial version is available for download here for both Mac and PC. The full version is available for purchase at 9.99 USD. On the other hand, the full game will be available for 49.95 USD pre-order (you can download it off the net when it releases).

I’m looking forward to the full game and pit my creature to battle with other creations.

Adium Unofficial Beta Brings Back MSN Personal Messages


… and also brings back much needed daily dose of emo entertaining messages.

warning: this is an UNOFFICIAL build so if you’re using Adium for really, really important stuff (which I doubt so), don’t use it.

download it from this forum thread (scroll down and find a post by Dimmuxx, 4th post from last) or try this direct link.

credits go to Dimmuxx at Cocoaforge forums

USB Dongle Allows Retail OS X Installation On PC


Amazing, apparently a device called EFI-X has been crafted to allow you to install Mac OS X on your PC right from the retail discs. Check out the demo video here. I wonder if Apple lawyers are gonna threaten the creators of this device (I hope not).

My only questions are

– how much will this device cost
– do we need this device attached to boot OS X
– can it be installed on AMD computers
– do the creators of this device plan on providing drivers for hardware that are non-standard on Apple computers

Looks like we’ll know more on the release date, 23rd of June.

Safari 4 Sneak Peak

safari about.png

So the word is out that Safari 4 Developer Preview is in fact lurking around the hand of developers. Turns out that my free ADC membership has it up for download too. So I played with it a while and I will talk about one feature that sets it apart from other browsers.

safari menu.png
Safari 4 File menu

fluid fb.png

dock icons.png
Safari web app of Facebook(left), Fluid version(right). Notice that fluid has proper icon.

Safari 4 now allows you to save your favourite web apps as…. none other than APPS themselves. So what the heck does that mean? It means that you can have a Facebook app, Gmail app, WordPress app – you name it!

While some may argue the need for such a feature, I believe there are some people out there that relies heavily on web apps for their work. Thus, having a separate app for the site alone might help to:

– Prevent crashes when too many tabs are open in one browser
– Probably minimise memory leaks for leaving your browser on too long (???)

Some of you might be familiar with Fluid, an app that allows you to do just what I mentioned above. It has some rather cool features as well. But let’s see some main differences between the two.

safari fb size.pngfluid fb size.png

These are screenshots of a web app saved using Safari 4 on the left and Fluid on the right. Notice something? That’s right, Fluid version of Facebook seems to be almost 28 times larger. But then again, Safari doesn’t have as much features compared to Fluid. So it’ll all up to user preference, personally I don’t really need Coverflow view of all links on a certain page because even though that’s cool, it’ll just mean that my quota will drain faster.

What are your thoughts? Do we really need such feature? So far I think it’s kinda redundant, but then again I’m not really a web app maniac yet! ;)