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Pirate speak is now officially on Facebook!


ROFL! Best language evar!


Buying a New Computer?

If you’re planning on getting a new pc and you’re from down under, wait! Dell Australia has a lucky draw kinda thing running till mid-July and if you sign up you’ll be in a chance to win either a Dell XPS M1530 laptop + 24 inch widescreen monitor OR a Dell XPS 630 Desktop + 24 inch widescreen (You get to choose the prize!).



Also, there will be weekly draw for a 24 inch monitor. So if you’re a student like me (well, technically I’m still a student since my final paper is on Wednesday), and if you’re dead bored from studying for your exams, why not sign up for a chance to win one of these (OK, I know it’s not that easy since there will be thousands of people signed up but if you never try you’ll never know!).

Click here to sign up!

P/S: I’m a sucker for free stuff even though I don’t really get them often :P

First Official Pictures of iPhone 3G




Source: Engadget

Leaked Pictures of iPhone 3G


Apparently CrunchGear has insider info from their friends at AT&T. The picture above came from an AT&T promotional material. Real of fake? You decide. But I’m thinking those are really, really close to being real.

Read more about it here

Oh hi!

Greetings. What you are about to read on this blog in the coming days might contain offensive language, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material and content that requires parental guidance (Hi kids!). Ok, I kid. This blog will probably contain arbitrary thoughts, cool stuff I stumble upon or stuff that I’ve digg’d. ;)