Useful Things You Can Do on Leopard

Let’s face it, when it comes to usability, there are no other OS that could come close to Mac OS X Leopard. Here are three useful things you might not already have known you could do:

1) Use Wikipedia right off Dictionary

dictionary wiki.png

Did you know that Dictionary allows you to browse Wikipedia articles? It renders them with beautiful and eye-pleasing fonts as well.


2) Search for Menu items from the Help menu

help menu.png

You gotta admit that when it comes to apps that are complexly huge, sometimes you get lost when you’re trying to find a menu item that you need. Fret no more, you can search for Menu items right off the Help menu!


3) Do simple Math calculations from Spotlight


Now you can calculate your taxes right off Spotlight. Simple, easy and effective.

What’s your favourite Leopard feature?


3 responses to “Useful Things You Can Do on Leopard

  1. Spotlight math will help me more than a lot. Thanks.

  2. i use safari to put articles from onto my dashboard !

  3. @ben: sure it’s TheStar and not YouPorn? haha

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