Office 2008 SP1 Released with Infinite Looping Setup Assistant

Service Pack 1 for Office 2008 was just released recently. However, many people (including me) have experienced the infinite looping setup assistant problem. Basically, you can’t get any of the Office Apps working. If you try launching any of the Office apps, it would bug you with the Setup Assistant over and over again.

So here’s how to fix it:

Make sure you have your CD Key ready.

Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2008 (you can use the Finder’s Go => Go To Folder… feature, just cut and paste this into the box)

Delete Microsoft Office 2008 Settings.plist

then Navigate to /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/

delete OfficePID.plist

You will be asked for the CD Key the next time you launch any of the Office apps. But that’s about it, it should fix the “Setup assistant loop” problem. ;)

P/S: Please don’t ask for CD Keys from me, your requests will not be entertained.


38 responses to “Office 2008 SP1 Released with Infinite Looping Setup Assistant

  1. Hi, thanks for investigating this. I tried the above, but when I put in the product ID, it won’t let me “continue.” Did you encounter this problem?

  2. Hmm, you might have mistaken the product ID (which is produced after you set up the product) with the key. You sure you put in the key properly without typo?

  3. yeah i had the same problem, put the product key in and nothing happens, this is so annoying. and if you put a different one in it says it is not valid

  4. Thank you so much! talk about office being annoying…it seemed a bunch of people were/are having this issue. I’m usually hesitant about deleting .plist(s) since some programs have trouble recreating them again, but this worked great.


    Obviously Microsoft support is useless and sells faulty shit at high prices. Crooks!
    Thank goodness you were here to save the day!

  6. Hi, I have the problem too but have deleted the neccessary files and still wont continue.
    I know you said to be sure not to mix up the product ID with the key but i’m sure I havent.
    What else can i do it still wont work??

  7. Those of you who would like some alternative cd keys to try out please post reply here (and make sure you fill up your email address).

    Sheryl managed to fix her problems by trying a different CD key I gave her.

  8. I’m running into the same problem. After I did this my key doesn’t seem to allow me to continue.

  9. Different CD Key

  10. Hi there

    Could you send me a different CD key too PLEASE? Mine was working fine UNTIL the Microsoft update. it also does “nothing” after entering the key. My product is legit, bought brand new…



  11. Same problem…deleted files…entered my good key and can’t continue. If you have another key for me to try that would be great. Thanks

  12. Please use this email…other one is not working. Thanks again so much.

  13. Hello, firstly thanks for your help! I deleted the files but now nothing is launching… And it is not even asking me to enter a prouct key anymore.. Can I have a different product key please? I am going crazy from not being able to get anything done! Cheers..

  14. Would you please give me an alternative product key to try as well? Mine is also not working.

  15. it doesnt seem to take my key. can someone send a cd key? Thanks.

  16. Please send a cd key my way as I’m experiencing the same problem. Thanks!


  17. After I enter my valid CD key, it won’t go to the next part even though I press “continue”

    Please send a key to my email at


  18. Hi!!! Would you please give me an alternative product key to try as well? Mine is also not working. I deleted the files you said, but I had the exact same problem when I click “continue”.
    Thanks for your help!!!

  19. Thank you! It worked perfectly! :)

  20. Hello,

    Same problem, big surprise. Another key would be much appreciated!

  21. Hi, I am having the same problem. Setup Assistant won’t let me continue. Can I get a different product key? Thank you so much!!!!!

  22. Hi, I’m having the same problem that I can’t continue after putting in the product key. could you send me a new one?

  23. Hello, I have the same problem with the setup Assistant. Could send me a new product key?

  24. Sorry guys, won’t be sending product keys anymore due to obvious reasons.

  25. Thank you for your support – You directions worked perfectly – Stupid Microsoft!

  26. No problem Corey, my pleasure.

  27. I’ve the same problem. It is not going forward from “continue”. Could you please send me the new keys? thanks

  28. Hi I also have the same problem, done deleting the said files and it asked for a cd key but it won’t continue after putting it. Please please please…this microsoft should pay..


  29. Hello, I think i have the same problem, can’t continue after put in the product key. could you give me another copy of the product key? many thanks!!

  30. same problem! could someone please, please send me an alternate key?

  31. I have the same issue and have been fighting it for several day. Is there an alternate key that someone can send me? Many thanks!

  32. mine dosent want to continue EVEN with different CD KEYS!


  33. Me too please (

  34. I found a key –

  35. I tried and it did not work, please send the key

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