Razer Lycosa: More Than Meets the Eye

So I finally decided to get a new keyboard for my gaming machine. My previous keyboard got me fed up at times especially when the computer goes TOOT TOOT whenever I smash the shit out of it. Also, the W A S D keys are all worn out anyway.

Most gamers would’ve probably went for Logitech G-15. But I didn’t – mainly because my desk keyboard drawer currently is so small it would only fit the keyboard alone.

I finally decided on Razer Lycosa. If you look at the keyboard, it doesn’t look any much different than most generic ones.

lycosa 1.JPG

Pictured is the Razer Lycosa with my Razer Copperhead on the 5 years old funcpad (gonna replace this when I move to a bigger place later this year)

I have been using my Lycosa for about 2 days now. And I have to say, wow, I haven’t felt such sensation while typing or gaming. The keys are probably so well built it won’t wear out anytime soon. It has some sort of rubber on top of each keys that would make your fingers feel comfortable even when you smash the shit out of it.

If you work in dark rooms, this keyboard is probably worthwhile for you. It has a blue backlight and you can switch between 3 modes – no backlight, backlight on and backlights only on W A S D keys (probably useful for some FPS gamers).

However, while the backlight is a cool feature, if you work in extremely lit rooms I don’t recommend this keyboard at all

lycosa light 1.JPG

As you can see from the picture above, when there’s tons of light the keyboard keys will be extremely difficult to see.

The keyboard also has other features such as macros, usb 2.0 passthrough port, sound and mic-in jack etc.

As you can see, the keyboard lacks macro keys and therefore it uses the function keys to do the macros. You can switch between 10 profiles of different macro key settings. To switch between profiles you just tap the Razer logo on the top right corner where other multimedia keys exist together.

Do I recommend this keyboard? Yes, the rubber coating on the keys make it so much comfortable for long use. My fingers barely feel tired anymore after hours of button smashing sessions. This keyboard not only suits gamers but also people who type a lot (and I mean a hell lot).

What keyboard do you sport?


5 responses to “Razer Lycosa: More Than Meets the Eye

  1. i has new lcd panel casing adapter battery logic board the worksssss! damn happy keke. i only recognise my keyboard from my original mbp. even power button trackpad is new

    TOO BAD ITS NOT THE NEW ONE ASDFG i think casing diff QQ

  2. hahaha.. yeah could be .. or they still have some old logic boards lying around.. lol

  3. wats the damage for the keyboard?
    i’m still using my logitech bluetooth keyboard which tends to fuck up less nowadays so the amount of abuse i render is less.

  4. The touch and feel of this keyboard is unmatched. you’ve got the feel it to believe it…its amazing!

  5. indeed.. it’s like sex on a keyboard!

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