Plug & Play Mac OS X vs Windows XP

While surfing MacTalk forums, I saw a thread with pictures that I find both funny and true.



I believe these are the installation steps for a particular DJ equipment. Now I know why there are so many DJ’s around using MacBook’s ;)


2 responses to “Plug & Play Mac OS X vs Windows XP

  1. this question is abit out of topic but lets say i’m running a windows desktop and a notebook MBP and i want to remotely access files on my desktop via internet, can u recommend any software bro?

  2. there are various ways of doing it and all require knowledge of opening ports if you have a router or firewall. Also, most of these software are not really noob-friendly they require a lil geek knowledge. If you still insist on trying you can msg me on MSN and we can figure out the options.

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