Adding Watermark to Your Images (Windows)

A reader recently sent me an email asking how can she watermark her artwork with free or cheap software. After having done a quick google search, I’ve found a software that’s both free and easy to use.

Introducing Kigo Image Converter 2.0, this program allows to resize and watermark your images in a few easy steps.

First of all, download the app here.


Upon launching the application, drag all your images into the white box area of the app. Choose the ‘General’ tab under ‘Convert Settings’ and choose your desired Output format (or leave it at default as jpg). Choose your output folder – this is where your watermarked images are gonna be put in.

Choose the ‘Watermark’ tab. Choose image and then Browse… and choose your watermark file. Then choose the preferred alignment (Top left,right, bottom left,right, center etc). After you’re done setting up, click the CONVERT button.


Your watermarked/resized images should be in the folder that you’ve assigned the app to save in.

Hope you find much use with this tech tip. Feel free to email me any geeky or techie questions. :)


One response to “Adding Watermark to Your Images (Windows)

  1. Sounds interesting, thanks for the tip! I also like Bytescout Watermarking tool for its feature to watermark images directly from Windows Explorer through right click menu. Check it out too.

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