Famous Singaporean Blogger Prefers Fake China iPhone, Thinks the Real Thing Sucks

At Gizmodo, there’s this Youtube post about this famous Sg blogger (Xiaxue) reviewing both the fake and real iPhone. She was initially tricked into thinking that the fake iPhone was actually real. What the f**k? How stupid can you get. The fake iPhone had a dodgy start-up music and it looked like a brick that can kill your neighbour’s dog.

Anyway, I actually thought the video was hilarious. I laughed a few times throughout the video. She actually had trouble using the on-screen keyboard, saying that iPhone sucks because she couldn’t use it with her long nails. I had the impression that she’s either too dumb to use her thumbs or she’s just trying to find every possible way to shit the Apple products (she stated that she hate Mac users).

Towards the end of the video, she concludes that the fake iPhone is “not bad for a shitass China phone” and the real iPhone is just “mediocre”.

Lame or funny? You decide.


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