To Mac or Not?

A lot of people ask me if Mac’s are actually good and do I recommend them on getting one. I would tell them it depends on a few factors such as do they wanna play the latest and greatest games.

I created a simple flow chart to help you make your decision. I hope you find much use with it. Enjoy!

Any comments or questions are welcome :)


5 responses to “To Mac or Not?

  1. As a former PC user who has totally converted to Macs, I agree that hard-core gamers will not be switching anytime soon.

    But for anyone who wants a totally cool and stable machine, I can’t recommend Macs enough. I haven’t used a PC in 4 years now, and I’ve never missed it- or the error messages from Microsoft operating systems. Macs are pricey, but so worth it!

  2. Go to YouTube and search PC vs Mac and there’s this good video about a guy and his Mac problems.

  3. @Nancy: Indeed, Mac’s are totally cool and stable. If not for the games, I would have totally switched to Mac. Right now, I have a desktop PC and a Macbook Pro. Pricey setup but I get the best of both worlds :D

    @iPC: I’ve heard people having numerous problems with their Mac’s till they need to send their Mac back for repair over and over again because their problem re-occur again shortly after repair. These guys must have really bad luck :/ However, I’ve heard that Apple would give you a brand new machine if your Mac have the same problems 3 times in a row.

    I’m not trying to say if a PC or Mac is better because it all depends on the user’s habits (i.e. hardcore gamer etc).

  4. not to be too picky, you’ve actually switched your flowchart symbols for a process (rectangle) and a decision (diamond)… otherwise, your thought process sem to be on track.

  5. omg, thanks for reminding me… at first I too thought it looked wrong, but somehow I still made this huge mistake. Hopefully, I’ll never repeat this again if I ever draw another flow chart. hah.

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