Adblock Plus for Firefox 3 Beta 5


Looking for a working version of Adblock Plus for your Firefox 3 Beta 5? Then head on to the Development Builds page and download the latest dev build (The dates may differ from the one you see on this screenshot). Enjoy!


20 responses to “Adblock Plus for Firefox 3 Beta 5

  1. Thanks for this! love FF3b5 but was looking for a simple way of getting ABP working – this is spot on. Thanks again.

  2. Oh great!
    I am waiting for this extension to come, or its already out let me check! :D

  3. thank for the info. its a good news. May be i’ll try today.

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks a bunch man!!! first thing i looked for after installing b5!!

  6. yeah! same here. The ads made me miss adblock plus so much. I took the chance and went to their site to see if they’ve got some beta or nightly build that works with the latest firefox 3 beta.

  7. Thanks for pointing this out man. This is exactly what I was missing :-)

  8. glad I could help!

  9. Thank you so much!

  10. Thanks man. nasty ads slows down my browsing.

  11. justanotherstudent

    thanks, perfect.

  12. Awesome, this was the one thing that was missing from Firefox 3, thanks to you that’s no longer the case.

  13. Thanks bud, worked perfectly!

  14. Hey guys, those of you that found this page thru search engines:

    The latest adblock plus release should work with Firefox 3 Beta 5 fine and there’s no need to use dev builds anymore. :)

  15. David Godfrey

    adblock in great thanks

  16. David Godfrey

    i have passed on add block to all i know, great work

  17. I have been using adblock 0.6.5 without any issues, with the latest firefox as of 6/25 and firefox 3.5

  18. Thanks for the tip – I was becoming quite frustrated with the lack of Flashblock.

    But the Snap preview thing you’ve got hooked up to your blog? That’s so annoying it puts me off an otherwise great blog. It’s truly horrible.

  19. Thanks Duncan, I’ve disabled the Snap preview thing.

    I have to agree it’s kinda annoying and I’m surprised I just realised it after all this while.

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