A Better Safari With A Couple of Addons

Safari, Mac OS X’s default web browser. While Firefox is awesome in its own ways, Safari is not that bad at all. Safari is in fact the fastest browser when it comes to Javascript load times (As of 28 March 2008). It even scored 100/100 in Acid3 test, even Firefox didn’t come close to that.

Ok, I’m not here to explain how good Safari is. I am here to introduce you two addons that can make your Safari more enjoyable.

First off, I’m pretty sure most people hate ads. In fact, I’m pretty annoyed when it comes to ads. Most ads are bogus, just like the ads on The Pirate Bay where random hot girl pictures are shown and the ads tell you that they actually live in your neighborhood.


digg 1.png

AFTER (Notice the Subway ad just disappeared!):
digg 2.png

Introducing SafariBlock, say goodbye to ads forever. You won’t miss a single ad when every website that you visit look clean and tidy, free of ads. SafariBlock works on both normal ads and Flash ads.

Download SafariBlock here



inq logo.png


The next addon is actually a pretty cool one, and a time saver. This addon will change your perspective on search engines forever.

Introducing Inquisitor, this addon allows you to type your search queries in your usual search box, and BAM! Search results come out just right after, in a cool black dialog on the bottom of the search box. You can navigate to the search results with the arrow keys, or with your mouse.

This addon is one of the main reasons why I made Safari my main browser on my Mac. It’s plain awesome. I can do multiple searches and find what I want quickly. Heck, it even suggests different search queries, on the bottom of your search results. On the other hand, you can customize it to show a list of other search engines so you can quickly make searches of the same query on other search engines (On the screenshot it’s only showing Flickr and Amazon, but the list can be customized for more than that).

This addon is a definite must-have for keyboard warriors. By far the best addon made for Safari. Highly customizable and useful.

Download Inquisitor here

With these addons, Safari will be a better browser ;)

Hope you enjoyed this tech tip, any questions or comments are welcome.


One response to “A Better Safari With A Couple of Addons

  1. While WIP versions of Webkit have passed Acid3, it’s misleading to state that Safari has passed it when Apple has not released a version yet that can pass it. Until it does, it’s meaningless, IMO.

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