Put Your Music In Control With These Great Apps

iTunes has been my #1 music player on both Windows and Mac platforms for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love iTunes. However, your music collection is often stored in a way that you can’t easily retrieve your music and share it with your friends. So, I am here to introduce several apps that can help you put your music in control.


First off, let me introduce iTunesFS. This app requires MacFUSE installed to be functional. iTunesFS lets you browse your iTunes and iPod music collection as if the playlists were folders with music as files in them. This way, you can copy out some music quick and easy and then share them with your friends. Simple to use. Nice and clean.

itunesfs ss.png

Installation directions:
1) Install MacFUSE
2) Install iTunesFS
3) Launch iTunesFS whenever you want to access your music files

Download iTunesFS here

Download MacFUSE (required for iTunesFS to work) here

MacFUSE (Tiger) direct download

MacFUSE (Leopard) direct download



misu logo.png

Ok, so what if you’ve got another friend with a relatively large, filled (no, not that) iPod and both of you would like to sync both music collections together? Misu to the rescue. Misu is a relatively new app and its concept is brilliant. I haven’t got another iPod here to test it but from reading comments about it most people seem to be happy about it. What Misu does is, you plug both your iPods to your computer, and it will do its magic. It will detect which music on one iPod is missing on the other and merge them both.


At time of writing, you can get Misu for $9.95 at MUPromo (original price is $19.00). Offer ends in 10 hours.

You can visit Misu’s website here



mojo logo.png

Lastly, what if your friend doesn’t have an iPod or he’s somewhere far far away. Mojo is the answer to powerful music sharing over the internet. Mojo is dead simple to use. All you need is to get an account with Mojo’s service, then you can just add your friend’s account and browse his/her music collection just like that! You can even play or download music that you like. However, Mojo doesn’t support accessing music on connected iPods. Hopefully, this feature will be added on future releases.

mojo ss1.png

mojo ss2.png

Mojo is available for both Windows and Mac platforms, free

P/S: Both you and your friend need to have Mojo in order to browse each other’s music collection.

I hope you liked this tech tip. Any questions or comments are welcome.


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