Internode Reaffirms its Position as the Best ISP in Australia

Received an email from Internode:

Dear Internode customer,

We have substantial number of service improvements to tell you about.
Please visit this web page on the Internode site for the full details:

This is a summary of the announcements you will find on the web page:

* The Launch of Internode Naked ADSL2+
* Single Service Migration Charge – Reduced
* Premium Usenet Returns! (better then ever before)
* Quota Upgrades to Home and SOHO plans at and above 20Gb, at no
additional cost!
* New Home-Extreme-Starter plan
* Two New Plans for Home ADSL1 (Home-1500-Power15 and Home-High-Power5)
* Three New Business ADSL1 plans – featuring UNLIMITED downloads
* Reduction in the Excess Data Rate on Business ADSL plans
* Changes to the ‘Maximum Price Caps’ on Business ADSL1 plans
* Simplification of NodePhone Pricing.
* New NodePhone Number Ranges
* NodePhone MultiLine Enhancements
* Internode Network to expands into Japan
* Boosting Our International Network capacity via Southern Cross
* National ATUG Award for Internode’s Regional WiMax Network

Best wishes,

The Internode Team

Reading thru the new plans/pricing revealed that my current plan gets an additional 15gb. My ex-housemate would’ve been ecstatic bout this. Poor dude has his net capped already with 3 more weeks to go.

The quota increase will take effect 1st of April, regardless of your rollover date. Ironically, it’s the same day when Left Handed Whoppers were introduced 10 years ago.

And now, gotta find a way to waste my 30+gb quota in 2 weeks.


2 responses to “Internode Reaffirms its Position as the Best ISP in Australia

  1. Bigpond is a far undervalued service….that main thing to remember with bigpond is to call up when your contract has finished and they can give you very good cheap deals on the premium services they offer. check out guiness book of records for national boradband networks… BIGPOND IS #1 in the world…no shit… for speed and availability. the inner geek should appreciate that internode may be the Audi A4 or BMW 318i compared to your suzuki’s like DOD, but the pond is the BMW m3 or the audi A8

  2. Telstra’s NextG may be the #1 mobile internet service in the world.

    However, when it comes to online gaming, latency affects the enjoyability of games such as First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategy.

    No doubt NextG can pump up to 14.4mbps, with great coverage all over Australia. But can it provide constant low latency as well? (<50ms)

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