Adobe Joins the Web App Battle With Photoshop Express


Photoshop is probably one of the most well known software for the computer. Almost everyone knows what’s it for. Heck, even my grandma has a retouched picture of herself hanging on her walls. She would tell you that the picture was taken 30 years ago. Obviously nobody believed her! ;)


Adobe just launched a free web service called Photoshop Express. It gives you 2GB of free photo storage so you could store all your favorite Yua Aida pictures. Of course, that’s not what made Photoshop Express special, rather it is a web app that allows you to store and do simple edits to your photos. Tasks such as cropping only require a few clicks. If you frequently crop your pictures for your Facebook profile, then Photoshop Express is your best friend. Sure, you can probably do the same task with MS Paint, but Photoshop Express has integration with Facebook, PhotoBucket and Picasa. This means that you can edit your stored photos in any of those mentioned web services right from Photoshop Express!



Here you can see cropping and rotate feature in action. It’s really simple.

Photoshop Express may not be for the expert users, but if you’re someone like me who needs to crop or touch up images every now and then, Photoshop Express is the perfect tool.

However, one thing I didn’t like about Photoshop Express was it didn’t accept PNG files. I mean, come on, how hard is it to support PNG files?

If you wanna try out Photoshop Express, click here.

P/S: Sorry about the poor quality screenshots, looks like I’ll never use Resize ‘Em All again.


3 responses to “Adobe Joins the Web App Battle With Photoshop Express

  1. Nice article! very informative..I’ve already signed up for it.

  2. Oi i remember that picture!! Taken at citrus!

  3. haha yeah.. it’s taken by kuo wei.

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