It’s Playtime: Fun MacBook Apps

If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that every MacBook comes equipped with a motion sensor. The primary purpose of this sensor is to quickly stop your hard disk from operating when it detects that your laptop is falling. This is done to minimise the damage of the hard disk.

Technical stuff aside, the motion sensor also brought a new breed of apps. These apps utilise the motion sensor to give various feedback.

Got another friend with a MacBook? Then try playing MacSaber!

Imagine you’re Luke Skywalker, and your friend, Han Solo stole your TV Remote and you would like a revenge.

MacSaber simulates your MacBook as a lightsaber by playing lightsaber swing sounds as you swing your MacBook. How cool is that!

Download MacSaber here.


Another cool app is LiquidMac. This app basically simulates liquid orientation, so if you tilt your MacBook to the left, the liquid will flow to the left and vice versa.

Download LiquidMac here.


Lastly, this fun app is a dream come true for Pong fanatics.

Enter Wally Bally, the brainchild of a very talented designer Julius Eckert. Wally Bally is a game that allows you to bounce a ball to the left or right, and the rule of the game is to only bounce the ball when the wall turns green. If you bounce the ball on a red wall, it’s game over!

Download Wally Bally here.


Know any other cool MacBook apps? ;)


4 responses to “It’s Playtime: Fun MacBook Apps

  1. i ain’t gonna shake my mac like that !

  2. Its not harmfull. Your hardisk turns off when you make a hasty move. Thats what the motion sensor was build in for. ;)

  3. wow, have fun….

  4. pahahahhahah I’ve got these on my MacBook Air now- they’re so fun :D

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