When Maintenance Calls (Windows)

Lately, I’ve been writing mostly tips for Mac users. So, I thought it would be nice for me to show some love to the Windows users. After all, they’re the majority.

I will showcase two apps that I’ve used for years that help me keep my Windows machine speedy.


Introducing CCleaner, a.k.a Crap Cleaner. If you’ve never run any rubbish files/cache cleaner, you have no idea how much space they occupy until you see the screenshot below.


A staggering 2,358.6MB worth of files has been removed. That’s enough for three dvdrip’s from the pirate bay, fellas.

Although there are probably better registry cleaners out there such as RegSupreme, CCleaner comes equipped with a rather modest cleaner, but it’s enough to keep your computer running well.

CCleaner is available as a free download from CCleaner.com



Next app is Diskeeper 2008. I’ve been using Diskeeper for years. From the days of Windows 2000 till now. I sworn by Diskeeper for hard drive defragmentation.

For those of you who do not know what defragmenting does: it’s basically a process that moves data around in your hard disk in a collective manner. It’s like categorizing all the books in the library so that people can find what they want. This is basically what it does, it speeds up the process of finding data.

This app is responsible for allowing me to switch between two of my level 70 WoW characters in just 5 seconds. ;)

So, what makes Diskeeper so special? When it first started back in Win2k days, it was just another defragmenting tool – but with better technology.

Diskeeper has a small service that runs in the background, collecting info such as what games do you play all the time and which is your favourite porn. When you start defragmenting your hard drives, it will move those games and porn to the front of your hard disk so it allows your computer to fetch those data quicker the next time you launch them again.

Now, it’s even better. It defragments your hard drive while you use your pc! That’s pretty much what Mac OS X does nowadays, and that’s why Mac’s don’t really need maintenance.

As shown in the screenshot below, it’s defragmenting my hard drive automatically while my computer is idle (meaning I’m not doing anything intensive that requires my computer to throttle at full horse power.)

They call this technology InvisiTasking.


It’s amazing. I don’t need to defragment it manually anymore. It defrags while I’m surfing the web or chatting with friends.

Diskeeper is available from Diskeeper.com in several editions – Home, Professional and Pro Premier at $29.95, $49.95 and $99.95 respectively.


5 responses to “When Maintenance Calls (Windows)

  1. I’d recommend these utilities as well. I think for the benefits it offers, its a small price to pay for Diskeeper. There are no conflicts while it runs and it really does save the anxiety i used to face during defrags on huge drives, sometimes hanging, sometimes not completing efficiently.

  2. Exactly, Diskeeper gives me peace of mind when it comes to maintenance. ;)

  3. Yeah, Diskeeper rocks! I use the 2008 Pro edition on my Vista machines and it handles defagmentation with ease. Vista’s own defragger is so pathetic that it’s not even in the picture. Diskeeper FTW!

  4. Another option that is also a Pro product is PerfectDisk — also consolidates free space and costs less.

  5. thanks, nice apps

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