Apps and Tricks Every MacBook Warrior Should Have

Every MacBook comes with a technology that dims your display when it thinks you’re not around anymore – to save power. However, ever find it annoying when the screens dims on you when you’re watching your favourite cam whore video on youtube? You had to move the mouse once in a while to keep the screen fully lit. The guy next to you probably thought you were a mouse fettish.

Fret no more, enter Caffeine. No, it won’t order Starbucks for you so you could stay awake for more cam whore videos. This little app stays in your menubar with a coffee icon, clicking on it will switch it between two modes. When the icon shows an empty cup, your MacBook will act normally as described above. When the icon shows a cup filled with coffee, your MacBook suddenly feel the need to stay awake. Not that it needs to burn the midnight oil to install huge software updates, but rather it needed to stay awake to give you the pleasure of enjoying cam whore videos on youtube without getting a wrist injury.

P/S: This app also prevents your laptop from going to sleep, or screensaver mode. Pretty handy for presentations too I guess.


Download Caffeine from:


Next, this trick is pretty much an internal blog post I did when I first started writing. This trick allows you to display text messages on your Login Window so that if your laptop ever gets lost, some good samaritan should be able to find out who the laptop belongs to with the info written on the Login Window when he tries booting it up.

Click here  to go straight to the blog post.


Next up, ever wonder why on earth is your MacBook Pro so hot? If you’re using the first generation MBP like me, chances are the heat from your laptop got you fantasizing if you could cook bacon and eggs on it. Make sure you don’t put your MBP on your lap for more than 5 minutes unless you’re not planning on having babies in the future.


A good solution to this issue would be to get a laptop cooler, or… you could crank up the fan speed inside your MacBook.

Enter smcFanControl 2, this app allows you to set your minimum fan speed from 1000 rpm up to 6000rpm. Personally, I set mine to 2500rpm when the weather is cool but most of the time I find myself cranking up the speed to 4500rpm especially when my MBP gets into heavy usage.

smcFanControl 2.1 can be downloaded from the following link:


Next, this app will turn your MacBook into a BMW. Ok, you must be wondering, what the heck am I talking bout?

Enter iAlertU, this app allows you to make use of your (LOL $19) Apple Remote as a…… CAR REMOTE!!?!?!?!

Technically, when this app is run and you hold your Menu button on your Apple Remote, your MacBook will get locked (with some PEWP  BMW sound in action). When your MacBook gets moved (as detected by motion detector), it will go….


Ok, I’m bad at sound-to-text translation – but you know what I’m talking bout. Not only it pumps out a loud noise, you can even set it to send an e-mail with a picture taken with your iSight cam. Pretty cool eh?

Hold your menu button again and your laptop will go.. PEWP PEWP! Just like a BMW!

I haven’t used much of this app but I think it could be useful for some people. The only time I used this app was for showing off purposes ;)

If you’re interested, head on to:


This final app will be an app that you WILL love. Ever wonder if you could speed up the sleep and wake process of your MacBook? Look no further, SmartSleep is here to save the day.

To briefly explain the need for such an app is:

Ever since Apple implemented the hibernate feature onto their laptops to allow people to swap batteries while their laptop is asleep, laptops now take ages to go into sleep mode because it copies all your RAM contents into your hard disk so that everything stays in tact just as it is before you let your MacBook go to sleep and you swap out the battery for another one.

After installing SmartSleep, my laptop sleeps in THREE f**king seconds! Amazing. Before I used SmartSleep, my laptop would take the same amount of time I went to pee and return.


Also, what makes SmartSleep so special is that it helps you to switch back to hibernate mode automatically when your battery level reaches a certain treshold that you’ve set. If you don’t need that, you can even set it to plain sleep mode.

Download SmartSleep from:

P/S: Make sure you install it for all users on the computer, because the writer of this app claims that Apple stocks will fall furiously if you don’t.


Alright! That’s all for today’s tech tip. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you liked it, kindly donate me a new 4th generation MacBook Pro. ;)


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Egg on MacBook –


2 responses to “Apps and Tricks Every MacBook Warrior Should Have

  1. Nothing is perfect but this is pretty close given the price and current technology.

  2. I think it is okay. Can you do an article on the symbols on an apple computer? Example © ® ˆ∑ ´®†©ƒ˙©∆∆˚˙ƒ©∂˙©˙˚∆≥˜µ∫˜∫≈ß®®∑®´∂ƒ©˙˜∫ ÷≥µ≤˜µ( i just pressed option and then put my fingers across the keyboard randomly)

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