MagStay PRO: One Dumb Invention

So apparently some people didn’t like the magnetic power connectors (MagSafe) on MacBook’s.

Then, some “geniuses” came to the rescue:

More Info:

Not only it effectively removes one USB port from your MacBook, it shall put your MacBook to a toughness test when someone trips over the power cable.

What an “awesome” product, well thought out indeed (the company calls themselves THOUGHT OUT Company, LOL!).

Long story short, if you still could not detect the sarcasm of this post, just stay away from products like this. May the magnetic force be with you.


3 responses to “MagStay PRO: One Dumb Invention

  1. LOL. Great post man. I’ve never heard of this until today. Thanks for the heads up. I can’t wait to get this “awesome” product and check out your toughness theory.

  2. lol my friend dented his powerbook last time cos another friend tripped on the wire. tats like undoing something mac has already solved….happy denting with magstay… uhh i mean magstay pro.

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