A ‘Soundful’ Week with the Logitech Z-5500 and Razer Piranha

Came back to Aus about a week ago, found out my Logitech z-5300 is totally blown. No sound at all. I wasn’t really that upset. My z-5300 had been with me for 4 years now. Last year it was half blown where the front left and rear right speaker had no sound. This year it is FULLY BLOWN! Oh yeah and that means time to get a new set of speakers!

So, first I went to a computer shop called MSY nearby and asked if they had stock for z-5500’s. The lady at the counter was like mumbling I had no freaking idea what she was on about and the only information I captured was there wasn’t any at the moment. Then I asked if I could book any of them and she said they don’t know when will they get the next set in and she said it could take 2 months. I was like WTF and left the store. Went to another store nearby and yes that store had stock but it was like a hundred bucks more expensive than MSY so I said f**k that and left the store.

When I got home, I placed an online order for z-5500 and it came about two days ago. The price was sorta in between MSY’s and their “competitor”.


Logitech Z-5500 and my desktop

Boy, I could not believe my ears. These things are amazing. I never knew there were such a huge difference between optical and normal inputs. Everything sounded clearer. If I were to play a porn movie out loud, my neighbours woulda think there’s hot sex going on in my house.


Also, I bought a new pair of headsets due to extreme comfort issues with my previous Razer Barracuda HP-1 headsets. Those headsets are extremely unfriendly to people who wear glasses. I’ve used these for about a year and previously the issue was just minor but ever since I got a new pair of glasses with thick side frames the problem became much more apparent and it is time to get a new pair of headset. Therefore, I went for…


Razer Piranha

These headsets are TRULY comfortable, easily a hundred times more comfortable than HP-1. The HP-1 would actually compress your head like a zip file and push up your glasses like how the chicks wear push up bra’s except that chicks do that for world peace and HP-1’s are the opposite.


In other news, I became a fan of Angela Zhang (or Chang) thanks to my friend Vinson who introduced me to the Taiwanese Drama ‘Romantic Princess’. Yeah I know I can be gay (or feminine) at times but yeah that’s me. Angela’s latest album, Ang 5.0 should be in my mailbox within next week. ;)


8 responses to “A ‘Soundful’ Week with the Logitech Z-5500 and Razer Piranha

  1. new pair of glasses with thick side frames<— lol?

  2. WOW WTF Ben r u stalking me I wrote this post like few minutes ago and u already posted a comment on it!

  3. u know it …better take out a restraining order

  4. nice puppy and kitty tissue box you use when you masturbate to your porn collection!

  5. Yeh I know, thx man.

  6. Hello!
    Congratulations on your goodies! I would like to ask you something and I hope that you can help me:

    I have the great Z-5500 set and i just bought today a nice Fa1ality headset. Sadly, I cannot start the microphone. It’s not muted; I’ve checked all menus and everything, but I still can’t use the mic. What I am using is to use the jack on the desktop unit – right under the headphones’ jack. Actually I am not sure if it’s the right place for mic, but I cannot split the cable of the headset. Even if I can, when I put it in mic’s jack onto the music card (X-FI extreme music), it’s still remains silent. So, please, if you can tell me how can I use my headset with Z-5500, I’ll really appreciate it!

  7. Did you make sure that mic was selected as the input source under the menus?

    What kinda cables are you using? normal ones or Toslink?

  8. Thank you for your post

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