31 responses to “Tech Tip: How to Change or Reset your Windows Account Password (2000/XP/Vista)

  1. Your screenshots are horrible copper!

  2. Yes I am aware of that. The best image capturing device I have here in Malaysia is only my cameraphone.

  3. Hi;

    when you say to use for a user name not an administrator change to type
    winpass -u [your account username]
    do you mean Without the Square brackets as well as I have tried both and they dont’ seem to work and i konw you said dont’ use the ” but what about the [ ]?
    I only want to change a user Not and admin password. thanks for you help :)

  4. Hi Nic,

    Yes, without the square brackets. i.e. winpass -u nic.
    You need to know the correct username. For instance, if your account owner is Matt Daemon, it doesn’t mean you execute winpass -u Matt Daemon.
    The username is one word. It could be mattdaemon for the example above.
    Also, do you have more than one Windows installation on the pc? i.e. do you dual boot XP and Vista?
    Hope that helps :)

  5. HI tzechuen;

    Thanks for your reply and help. No that machine only has Vista home basic edition on it there is no Dual boot system. We decided to go to XP and try them as if it was badly mucked up it wouldnt’ be as awful so we are trying it out now on XP professional and we have finally got the winpass-u username working but have spent over 7 hours today and a few hours last night trying to change the administrators password on XP. we have tried so many variations ( and with the new version of trinity it doesn’t seem to ask the same questions as your instructions above so it’s a bit confusing) but we have tried (as say if the Administrator was called waffles for example) we have tried
    winpass -u Adminstrator (as you have written above)
    winpass -a Adminstrator ( that just seemed to give a whole lot of confusing choices so we backed right away and out of that)

    winpass -u waffles
    winpass -uwaffles
    winpass – * (just to try to getit)
    winpass *
    winpass -a waffles
    winpass -u Admin
    and nothing seems to work to get into the Administrators password to change it netiher of us can work out what we are doing wrong we have tried with and without spaces etc and i thought after the winpass -u username ( as we created another user account to test it on and get it working before trying for the Administrators one. But nothing we do is getting us in and at the closest at the end it always says no change if we get that far. Do you have any procedure steps that i can use to change the Administrators account for version 3.3.10? (it seems to be different than the steps above, it gives different answers in places etc) and nothing seems to be working for the Adminstrators Account and we are less scared of getting locked out of the XP (as it doesn’t have as vital information on it as the Vista the the password is lost on) so we are still trying now after being on all afternoon trying. Thanks for the reply and any steps of procedure for help would be very much appreicated as we are new to both the trinity, winpass and Vista.thank you :) Nic

  6. P.s

    I did try to look up any documentation to find out how to use and procedure in case the new one (as it seems from their forum there was a 3.2 version popular etc) but i can’t see any of the help subjects listed in teh drop down they seem to be empty . so your help would be very much appreciated as i dont’ understand most of the forum talk there and none of it seems directed at the steps. i think that’s as maybe these pages did have directions on them? we are too new with this program to know but we can’t see any there for new peopele or procedures etc only the headings.
    Ta again for your reply.

  7. Hi Nic,

    Have you tried winpass -l to list all usernames? Forgot to mention this in my guide, now that I remember it the first time I used TRK I had to execute winpass -l to find out the correct username.

    Try that and let me know if it works. :)

  8. sorry for taking so long to reply. I couldn’t get to a computer to get on the net until tonight. we did try once to do a winpass -l ( that’s as in L isn’t it? ) but wasn’t sure of what the resulting information really was.
    so went to the Task Manager when signed in and went to USER to see who it said it was for the account and used that name but still no luck.
    Have we used the wrong letter should it be an I insted of an l or a 1 perhaps?
    thanks again for replying.

  9. Hi Nic,

    Hmmm, if possible take a picture of the winpass -l results and paste here. Also, I realised that you have typo’s for Administrator. Cheers.

  10. (thanks for noting the typo for Administrator but it was just a typo in the email post :)

    well we have no way of taking a photo of the screen unfortunately so I will try and summerize the results here after doing winpass -l

    (we got the same choices and lists as before with the list names of0 (ohh and using as above the eg name of waffles for the administrator here) this is the list .

    (the guest is disables/off like the help is also )

    we tried (with and without spaces the below)
    winpass -uAdministrator
    winpass – uAdministrator
    winpass -Administrator
    winpass -uwaffles
    winpass – uwaffles
    (have also tried shortening the word to just Admin)

    it still does the same thing it gets to the end says it’s changed and says SAM OK then we type reboot and the Tosiba gives exactly 30 beeps and you still have to type a password into the computer to get it to go into XP.
    The only thing I don’t understand is that this is set up with waffles as the Administrator so it is odd that there is two account names there ( but maybe that is normal) Anyway the end result is you can’t get into either named account ( even though I was slightly surprised to see 2 account names as I thought only one as the waffles account is definately set up as the Administrator account and is not a guest account or another user account. so I am not sure what is going wrong there. Unless it’s something that Toshiba’s just don’t like or something. Thanks for your reply.

  11. I forgot to mention we tried to make another new user account again with the name ‘test’ and used the
    winpass – utest
    command and got the same result at the end
    changed etc…
    SAM ok
    typed reboot and once again that did work so it’s definitely something with the administrator as that waffles is the name that was put in as the administrator and neither using the waffles or the Administrator commands work.

    (forgot to put that in that last post :)

  12. Hi Nic,

    Did you enter an asterisk (*) as the password when you were in TRK? and did you try to just login with a blank password?
    Also, did you try to just try changing the password to something and login with that password? Cheers.

  13. Also, I believe all windows installations come with an Administrator account whether or not if you’re own account has admin power. :)

  14. Hi

    Yes we did use an asterix.
    and we did make another account and tried to log in with that password and it works with a -user but not with the admin.

    thanks for the info about the 2 ‘admin’ accounts i couldn’t work that one out and neither could the person on who’s machine it is trying to be used on.
    It could also be i am starting to think more and more some Toshiba thing as i can’t work out why it would beep 30 times on start up when trying that. As it doesn’t do it when the -user account (new mock one made up) is used only when trying to do the admin . So maybe the Toshiba’s just don’t like it for some reason maybe ?

  15. sorry about the typos’ in that last post . it’s a bit late over here :))

  16. Hi Nic,

    I’m running out of ideas now but it’s possible that your Windows installation is custom made by Toshiba. That’s all I could think of. Have you got another computer that’s not Toshiba to try hacking on? Cheers.

  17. HI tzechuen ;

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately there isn’t another computer to try as i am suspecting the Toshiba as being disagreeble at present . So until i can find another comptuer to try it in it looks like we have come to a brick wall. Thanks for all your time and effort and replies.
    And if we figure out a way to make it work in the Toshiba or try on another machine and all is well I will post the results to you.
    Thanks again for all your time and effort
    Nic :)

  18. “Your gf is locking your pc because you are spending too much time on it”

    so this allows you to hax a computer pw? :O
    … hm! jo has never told me his comp pw and I wonder why.

  19. boys stuff can be irritating to the girls eyes ;)

  20. i can’t type anything (winpass -u username) keyboard doesn’t work in that moment;why.

  21. are you saying you can’t type “winpass -u username” or can’t type anything after you typed that?

  22. Hey!

    I have an win 2008 installation on a vpc. The 2 account that exists has names with swedish letters (Administratör and Gäst). When a type that, trinity cant find the account. I can see them listed, but the letters ö and ä are replaced with a black question mark (?). How can I solve this? Can I reset all users password, or get the account by some sort of ID?

  23. Hey David, try the Hexadecimel ID that is listed (to the left?) of your username. In my case it’s probably 03eb.

    Here is an extract from the TRK manual:
    “So winpass –l will list you all usernames found in the SAM. Should you have
    troubles that metacharacters are present in the username (like the Ø or something),
    you can still use the HEX reference to the username listed next to it.”

  24. hi,

    100% solution

    i am using “ERD Commander” and it is working

    if you want to download it from website “www.microsoft.com”

    Dipak Dodiya (India)

  25. when i load up trk it asks something about a mount so i say 1 or whatever then i get to the thing type winpass -u Ryan and nothing happens then i just try winpass and it goes to the screen am i doing something wrong?

  26. Not too sure what u mean, Ryan.

    Usually it will ask where is ur Windows installed after u hit winpass -u Ryan.

    Are u sure that ur username is Ryan and not something else?

    I’m not too sure what u mean by “nothing happens” or “goes to the screen”.

    Usually if u enter the wrong commands it will say command invalid or something.

    As for “goes to the screen” I’m not sure what screen ur talking bout. Care to explain more?


  27. will this work in vista if your using Windows SteadyState?

  28. Rob: I think it would, but you can always try and let me know.

    I wouldn’t think they keep solid states of the username and password information, as that seems to be a pretty stupid thing to do – what if you want to change your passwords?

  29. Yes this does work with SteadyState. I reset the Admin password, then you have to start Windows in Safe Mode, login as administrator.

  30. Hey Nic,

    I type winpass -i
    winpass -u
    winpass -Hussain(as this is the name of account) but nothing happens, rather the screen shows
    “Module is unknown
    INIT: id “1” respawing too fast: disabled for 5 minutes”

    Please help……

  31. I would suggest trying multiple wildcards:
    as a simple solution

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