Is Dell leaning towards a sexier tomorrow?

3 years ago, I would’ve just skipped over pictures of Dell products. They looked ugly as hell. Their laptops looked like a chopping board (no, seriously).

The only Dell products I’ve ever owned was a Dell Axim x30 pda (ebayed coz I never really needed a pda) and a Dell 20 inch widescreen monitor, which was the cheapest S-IPS a.k.a 8-bit LCD screen back then.

Fast forward to present. Most of their products still look ugly (just being honest), however there are some very well designed products that were released during the last 6 months. Namely the XPS M1330 pictured below:


Sexy eh? It’s like a cheapo version of a Sony Vaio.

Also, the XPS M1530:

(Just picture the XPS M1330, only bigger)

Then, you have the Dell Crystal LCD Panel:


Looks cool, but IMO this monitor is kinda overrated for its price ($1199). Also, the design is not really my taste… but it’s still sexy!

And…. wait.. what? Another sexy product from Dell?

Well, what I’ve got here is a leaked picture of an upcoming Dell Latitude E-series laptop.


Wow, now that’s what I call sexy. Is it built with brushed aluminium? That would be awesome. So far the only info as reported by Engadget:

“So far we know there will be a 4.25 pound / 14.1-inch and 5 pound / 15.4-inch version, both with WXGA and WXGA+ LED backlit displays, as well as a 12-inch (pictured above) and 13.3-inch version for road warrior types. Expect DisplayPort, eSATA, plenty of USB ports, and PC or ExpressCard slots in the larger models.”

Mmmm, WTB more info!

What do you think of Dell’s recent (sexy) progress?

Pic sources: Dell, Engadget


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