The MacBook Air: Is it for You? (Or me)

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that I am NOT a Mac fanboy. I love Mac’s, but not to the extend that I would do something like this:


I use BOTH PC and Mac. What for you ask? To me, I believe that PC’s are the best for [computer] games. Mac’s are better for day-to-day usage (such as surfing for porn, I mean… that’s quite a daily basis thing right!??).

And now, on to ranting bout that MacBook Air…

The MacBook Air impressed me when Steve Jobs first introduced it in MacWorld ’08 keynote. The idea that a decently powerful laptop fits into a manilla envelope is quite mind-blowing. But, do we really need such a thin laptop? Do we need to put one whole laptop with secret data in it and put it into a manilla envelope!??


When I first saw pics of the MBA, I initially thought… The MBA is for people who are always on the run (or running away from the police with all your downloads from The Pirate Bay). I also thought, maybe the MBA is for people who are fashion-conscious. There are people out there who would pay a fortune to get a mobile phone with the thickness of the toilet paper. I have a friend back in college who used to tell me, his Samsung flip phone doesn’t cut it anymore, he wants to get a new phone from LG. I asked why, and he said the LG is thinner. When he showed me the catalogue, I couldn’t tell a f**king difference between the two, they are both probably like 0.000000001 mm apart in thickness. But he insisted that the LG phone is a life-changing device.

Back to the MBA, at $3000, this thing definitely doesn’t come cheap. If you want the SSD hard disk on it, it will set you back for another $999! That’s like RM3300 imagine how many Ramly burgers I can buy with that amount of money. Can feed the whole neighborhood already.

Then, there’s another problem… It has NO OPTICAL DRIVE! I know being able to surf the net with no wires is great, but does it feel the same not being able to watch that pirated DVD I just bought from pasar malam (night market) on the go!? Sure you can plug in that external optical drive (which apparently is specially made for MBA, and can only be used on the MBA), but who on earth would actually carry that optical drive around.

Then Apple came up with another idea – SHARE ANOTHER PC’S OPTICAL DRIVE! Again, who on earth would wanna share his or her optical drive with you if you’re out sitting at Starbucks. You have to like, walk over to the next table, ask the person for permission to share, and even if he agrees to share his drive he will still need to install a special software if he doesn’t use a Mac (and he probably doesn’t especially if you live in Southeast Asia). By the time he finishes up with installing that software, both your laptops are probably running low on battery. Even if the laptops aren’t, they’ll probably run low the next 5 minutes reading the DVD because it takes lots of power to run the optical drive.

Then, the MBA only has ONE USB PORT. Oh how brilliant, and people are reporting that you can’t plug in a 3g modem properly on the port. So like, if I want to use my Logitech MX Revolution mouse and the external optical drive, I have to either:

a) buy a USB hub THAT WORKS on the MBA

b) do the Melbourne Shuffle and shuffle between the two devices

The option (a) is probably my best bet since I have no idea how to do the Melbourne Shuffle. But if I can’t get a working USB hub, then I’m screwed, literally. Maybe I should get this instead:


Nice, probably can flatten some ants with that too. Sweet, floppy drive. Time to try out Wolftenstein 3D.

Not only the MBA is thin, it is LIGHT too. At only 3 pounds, you can probably use it as a basketball replacement in case you forgot to bring your ball.


So in conclusion, the MBA is probably not for me. I’m not someone who’s always on the run, more like someone who’s always on the chair. I have no fashion sense, my hair is just as bad as Donald Trump’s. I’m anti-social, I probably won’t ask the guy next table to share his optical drive with me. I can’t do the Melbourne Shuffle. The last time I’ve played basketball is probably a decade ago.

Is the MBA for you? Share me your thoughts.

P/S: This post is only for humor purposes, I am in no way against Apple products nor I am biased towards either the PC or Mac.

PP/S: No MacBooks were harmed during the making of this post.

Pic sources: Digg, Apple, Flickr & Engadget.


5 responses to “The MacBook Air: Is it for You? (Or me)

  1. it sure look real thin and light. Mobile on-the-go.

  2. P/S: This post is only for humor purposes, I am in no way against Apple products nor I am biased towards either the PC or Mac.

    PP/S: No MacBooks were harmed during the making of this post.

    wtf suddenly feeling guilty for slandering MBA for the whole blog? lol do the melbourne shuffle !

  3. lol ben, heard you’re getting a macbook? which one are you getting?

  4. thinking of getting the black macbook but dunno if i should wait it out till PC fair cum april

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