Qtrax – First Impressions

So, the beta is up for download. Only for Windows at the moment (Mac version will be released on March). However, you can’t download a single shit using the app. All you get is this pop-up:


You can’t even download any songs off their Artist of the month – Foo Fighters.

Also, the app which is based on Songbird is still really buggy (that’s what you get in beta I suppose). I tried searching for Will.I.Am and the search box CONCATENATES it to one word “WILLIAM” and all the search results are only related to William. WTF!? Did the app think I was trying to do scripting or programming in the search box?

Just for fun, I tried typing 1+3+5 to see if the search box can do math. Turns out it doesn’t, it eats up the plus signs and concatenates everything into 135. Same thing goes for whatever non-alphanumeric character you throw in ( ! , . – + & * ). I guess the search box is just plain hungry.


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