Free and Legal Music Downloads!?

While surfing Digg I stumble upon something really interesting. The digg entry is titled From today, feel free to download all the music in the world“. What!? You gotta be f**king kidding me, mate. It’s just too good to be true. I’m not surprised a large number of digg users reports the story as inaccurate.

After reading taking a quick glance at the article. I’ve found out that the company offering the free downloads is Qtrax.

“With CD sales in free fall and legal downloads yet to fill the gap, the music industry has reluctantly embraced the file-sharing technology that threatened to destroy it. Qtrax, a digital service announced today, promises a catalogue of more than 25 million songs that users can download to keep, free and with no limit on the number of tracks.”

Source: Times Online

Looking at their website, the first thing that caught my attention is this:


Where is the “No E-mail from RIAA” entry? When I was about to look for the download link, I was cock-blocked by this:


I guess we’ll find out at MIDNIGHT EST eh? whenever that actually is.


The application that they are using is [not so popular] Mozilla Songbird (but I guess now it’s gonna get a bigger slice of the pie eh?)


Wow, just wow. Featured artist is FOO FIGHTERS? And I can even see Alicia Keys down there.

So, what are your thoughts on this before we hit MIDNIGHT EST!? Scam or not. Personally, I think even if it turns out to be real, there will be 8072387282 catches. Music non-transferable/non-playable by other players, not iPod compatible (unless they make the album art for each song an ad LOL)- you name them.

P/S: No RIAA agents were harmed during the writing of this post.


2 responses to “Free and Legal Music Downloads!?

  1. Apparently a Mac compatible service launches in March and will be iPod compatible though how this will be achieved if not using Apples’s DRM technology remains to be seen.Neither DRM or ad supported services (WE7, spiralfrog) have gained much traction. We can only see.

  2. Interesting, never heard of WE7 or spiralfrog. I guess that gives you the idea how “popular” these services are! :O Anyway, just played around with Qtrax on my windows pc and I have YET to be able to download ANY songs at all. First I tried Hilary Duff and a pop up appears saying “Downloads coming soon !!”. Then, I flip back to the main Qtrax page and clicked on Alicia Keys, who was on the Most popular artists list and still get the same pop-up (lol). Then I thought, maybe ARTIST OF THE MONTH – FOO FIGHTERS has some songs for me to download……. Surprise surprise.. same pop-up appears again.

    Maybe it’s not time for them to “release” the downloads yet.. who knows, but it doesn’t look any good at the moment.

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