App Attack: Disco (Mac)

Before I jump straight to introducing the app Disco, let me tell you why I would recommend this app to anyone who loves to DDR and lose some weight. Ok. I kid. This app is not about doing that Melbourne Shuffle to get the attention of that chick over there. This app is about……


Yes… Disc burning….. SERIOUS BUSINESS!

I don’t know how often do you guys burn DVD’s cause I do it really often to archive my porn collection Movies and TV Series to save some hard disk space (yea I know how cheap hard drives are now, but I don’t like to power stuff I won’t probably touch in the next few years.)

So, let’s take a quick tour at Disco, shall we?


This is the first screen you get when you launch the app (F**k, why is my mouse pointer right there. I need better screenshotting skillz). Right here you can take the red pill and insert a blank disc, or take the blue pill by dropping the files or CD/DVD image (such as .iso files) to the app.


I took the red pill by inserting a blank CD (I have so much of these lying around back here in Malaysia). F**k! The app insists that I take the blue pill as well. So I did and dragged over the CD image that I want to burn.


On the next screen you can then confirm that you really wanted to burn the files or CD/DVD image by clicking BURN (duh!). Also, as you can see here there’s the Image button that allows you to make an image of a CD or DVD that you own (the button un-greys if you insert a non-blank disc of course).

And there we go to the burning process…….


As you can see while burning the disc there’s some…. uhhh… smoke over there? To be honest, the smoke usually appear huge and alive like 30% into burning a DVD. No luck here because as you can see burning a CD is really fast nowadays. If you really want to see the smoke effect (which is really unique) go here

And finally, after the disc burning has complete…


That’s not all Disco has to offer. If you have a huge amount of data (i.e. the whole Season 1 and 2 of Prison Break), by dragging all the files into Disco, the app will automatically span the data onto multiple disks so you don’t have to figure out how much a CD or DVD can fit and how many of them you need. Disco is blazingly fast, really easy to use (a friend of mine was like “WTF? that’s all you need to do?”).

Pros: Easy to use, cool Smoke effects, awesome interface.

Cons: Expensive ($29.95), disc spanning feature spans data at random, lack of advanced features.


If you’ve got the extra cash, I’d say go for it and add this app to your mac apps arsenal. When I bought Disco it was at an introductory price ($14.95). However, I was dumbf**ked later on because in MacHeist I bundle, Disco was there and I ended up gifting the app to my friend.

Till the next App Attack, I hope you liked this one.


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